Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Which Blackhawks jersey should you get this season?

blackhawsk jersey

Buy jersey of your favorite player Chicago Blackhawks can be tricky business. Anyone who bought a Brandon Saad, Andrew Shaw or Teuvo Teravainen jersey in the past two years knows that. You spent like $ 175 on the jersey of a current blue jacket, Hab or hurricane. It is probably not what you had in mind.

So with the 2016-17 season right around the corner, we might as well look at what Blackhawks jerseys are definitely worth buying, and you might want to avoid. Obviously this is subjective - if you really want a bikini Brandon Mashinter, do not let anyone crush your dreams - but I feel like someone needs to be there to remind everyone to probably wait a few months before Artemi Panarin buy that sweater.

In addition, a final side: none of these recommendations are for the Green "St." day jerseys Patrick. I prefer to see someone rocking a sweater Jordin Tootoo red and black than trying to understand why people continue to buy ugly green jerseys for a team that offers these fantastic primary excavations. We have good options.

Let's get to it.

Jonathan Toews

Need an explanation? He is the captain, three-time winner of the Stanley Cup and one of the most talented, respected players of his generation. He is friendly off the ice, too, especially since it shows more of himself on social media. Toews might be too boring a choice for some, but it is also the safest, like ordering a pizza.

Duncan Keith
Niklas Hjalmarsson

A pair of star Blackhawks defenders who play with incredible intensity and do not sound like they will leave soon. Keith is obviously much longer than signed Hjammer, but if you opted for the Swede, you get bonus points for choosing the type who does not score as often.

Marian Hossa

It's Marian Hossa. He has a contract that means it will never traded. It's Marian Hossa. He loves pierogi. It's Marian Hossa. Sold.

The elephant in the room
Patrick Kane

There is no way to talk about buying a Patrick Kane jersey without mentioning its history off the ice. You have probably already formed your opinions on sexual assault charges last year. Does this mean that you are comfortable to wear No. 88, even though it may make others uncomfortable around you? I do not know about all of you, but I know that personally, it's not for me. There are too many others to buy sweaters that do not come with an asterisk of this nature, even an MVP title as Kane. He is also the # 2 jersey sales on NHL.com behind Toews, so it has not stopped fans.

Good choice, but with reservations
Corey Crawford

Crawford is largely an awesome choice. You will also probably spend far too much time to explain to others why Crawford is an awesome choice.

Brent Seabrook

Right now, Seabrook is a selection quite understandable. He is a very good defender, who won the Cup three times and another captain. He also got a potentially brutal eight-year deal that could him a punching bag for bad jokes contract in a few years to do (if he is still there), so you may want to consider when Seabs opt for a guy like Keith or Hjammer.

Artem Anisimov

He is coming off a career year with the Hawks and is about to begin a six-year contract, so you can feel relatively safe about Anisimov currently. But as one of the few highly paid players of the team without long-term NMC, there is a potential trade option on the rode.

Brian Campbell

The caveat is that Campbell could leave or retire in a year, but he also won a Cup with the Hawks in 2010, so there is a unique story here. Chicago jersey Soupy held until long after the end of his career by making a reasonable purchase.

I buy them, but it is risky
Artemi Panarin
Scott Darling

These are two of my favorite players in the entire organization. They are also both set to hit free agency next summer, which is an easy way to feel burned when buying a sweater. shirt Panarin needs little explanation: It is pure fire on ice. Honey, on the other hand, is a backup goalie. But it also has a remarkable history of alcoholism and recovery appears as a real good guy. It has the best Twitter team, hands down. Darling, is the kind of person I want to support, so I went down to buy his jersey, even if it is a minor player who could sign elsewhere next year.

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