Saturday, October 8, 2016

Blackhawks considering NHL trial run for Alexandre Fortin

Alexandre Fortin Jersey

The Chicago Blackhawks Jerseys do not quite know what they have in 19 years, Alexandre Fortin yet, but might take some time early in the season to find out. Coach Joel Quenneville said on Thursday that the team is still considering giving Fortin trial of nine games to open the 2016-17 season.

Fortin has been a perspective break to Chicago from that perspective camp joined the team in July. The striker was undrafted in the last two years, but entry-level contract three years earned from the Hawks in September.

Now, after a strong preseason, there is even a possibility that Fortin could start next season on the roster of the Hawks. Under the rules of the NHL, any player who signs an ELC at 18 or 19 and 20 does not turn on 31 December of the year of its signature may appear in a maximum of nine games in the NHL / AHL without burning a year of his contract.

That means Fortin can play up to nine games with the Blackhawks to open the season and still has its "sliding" contract, which means that his contract expires after the 2019-20 season instead of the 2018-19 season. So the Hawks could potentially give an extended period Fortin hearing to open this season then decide whether to keep and burn a year of his ELC, or sent back to the QMJHL to develop and "slide" the contract. Jonathan toews jersey.

Fortin has already flown expectations at every stop in recent months, so maybe the Hawks are curious if he can do it again at the NHL level. It would be a remarkable career for a teenager who was undrafted last two years, but coach Q is seriously considering at least one hearing.

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